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Adding drivers into WinPE boot image for use with Microsoft WAIK

WinPE is the preinstallation environment which will mostly be used to load an OS onto a new system. This article will explain how to inject LAN drivers into WinPE, allowing you to deploy OS installations to a larger variety of hardware.

Follow the instructions below. You will need to have the Microsoft WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) installed to modify the image. WAIK provides the command line tools for working with WIM images, the image format used by Windows and WinPE. Read more »

Combining Windows Deployment Services & PXELinux for the ultimate network boot

In a previous article, Installing Linux via PXE using Windows Deployment Services (WDS), I talked about using PXELinux to enable deployment of WDS images, Linux distros and a multitude of tools. It got a bit heavy when trying to make this all work but the system is now up & running and we have already benefitted from it on many occasions. So here is my guide for Microsoft admins wanting to enhance their existing Windows Deployment Services server. Read more »

How To Create A Simple Google Chrome App In Less Than 5 Minutes

If you take a look at Google’s “Web Store” a lot of these apps listed there are basically just quick ways to access web-pages.

For example, the official Google Docs app does what? It opens

The Hootsuite app? It opens


While that may defeat the purpose of an app (shouldn’t it be more than just a bookmark?) there’s an interesting way we can exploit this. Read more »

Apple Remote Desktop 3.3: Installing in OS X Lion

Products Affected

Apple Remote Desktop 3.X, OS X Lion


The Apple Remote Desktop 3.3 installer may report that it requires Mac OS X v10.6 when used with OS X Lion. Read more »