Monthly Archives: January 2013

Exchange Server 2010: Using Database Portability for Disaster Recovery

Exchange Server 2010 has a feature called Database Portability. This is the capability for a mailbox database from one Mailbox server to be mounted on another Mailbox server within the same organization.

In this article I will demonstrate how you can use Database Portability in a disaster recovery situation. Read more »

Script to check a machine has a Windows patch

‘!!! This script returns specific Windsows patch information on Remote server!!! Read more »

Creating the ultimate SCCM 2007 Frontend HTA for OSD Part II

Let start building our  HTA so we can get that prompt for variables step going. I’m not going to make it pretty that’s not my department but you will get the idea and can customize it then make it look good. Read more »

Add HTA-Support to a Boot Image with ConfigMgr 2012

With ConfigMgr 2012 lot’s of things got simplified. One of those things is adding extra components to the Boot Images. Before it was possible to add these extra components by either using the MDT integration, or manually running DISM. Now it’s possible to do this from the console! Of course, in the background it’s still DISM that does the action. Read more »